Sue Spaid Ecovention Europe (Portable Version) (2018)

When "Ecovention Europe: Art to Transform Ecologies, 1957-2017" ended in 2018, I realized that I had enough printed material to one day set up an exhibition in an art fair/trade show booth or to do a modest exhibition on the fly, so I asked the artists' permission to hang on to this material in case such a moment arised. When Ute Ritschel asked me whether I would like to organize an indoor exhibition to complement the outdoor exhibition we were co-curating for IWZ's kunstpfad, I instantly thought of "Ecovention Europe (Portable Version)." And indeed it was portable. When I arrived via train for a 3-week residency, I brought the entire exhibition in a tube and book bag.

Since I still have all of the material, I could easily install it elsewhere.

This image captures Rebecca Chesney carefully handling the "phototoxic" Giant Hogweed plant.
Ecovention Europe (Portable Version) (2018)