Sue Spaid 2012 Armacost/Planck, "my back pages," 2012
Ben Kelley, "Cupid and Psyche," 2012
James Rieck,"Black Belt" and "Cockblock," 2011
Armacost/Planck, "my back pages," 2012

For this exhibiiton, Armacost/Planck built a free-standing kiosk, modeled after the St. Paul Street icon designating the multifarious 2640 Space. Comprised of profiles en face, the blue neon sign sandwiched between two black placards resembles a candlestick. Like a flickering candle, an empty candlestick suggests “openness” and “availability”! As if to further emphasize 2640 Space’s hyper-sociality, their kiosk is flanked by an enormous, dangling painting featuring wavy marks that slowly reveal a profile (people engaged in discourse?).