Sue Spaid Chateau Marmont Art Fair (1994) Lun*na Menoh, "Film Dress," ca. 1990
Carole Caroompas, "Before and After Frankenstein: The Woman Who Knew Too Much," 1994
Larry Hammerness, "Photo Rack," 1993
Lun*na Menoh, "Film Dress," ca. 1990
Lynn Aldrich, "Untitled (Fresh Start)," 1994

Assigned Room 57, as in Heinz 57, we should have won a Guinness Book of World Records for exhibiting the largest painting ever in a hotel art fair, Carole's "Before and After Frankenstein..." No doubt our room baffled visitors.

Each day, Lynn would arrive, as I arose from my best sleep ever, to rearrange her foam islands and continents floating on my bed. To experience the film within Lun*na's dress, one turned a hand-crank as scrolling black and white patterns adorned the cut-out bodice.

Clearly participatory, Lun*na's film dress and Larry's photo rack anticipated 1995's "Action Station." Only eight months earlier, I was totally unaware of these artworks' influence on my curatorial practice.
Chateau Marmont Art Fair (1994)
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